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There are three skills necessary for good putting. Green reading to identify an accurate start direction, the address position to promote accurate aiming and produce solid contact, and accurate stroking for speed control. Since the beginning, golf instructors and players alike have tried to perfect putting by seeking to develop the accurate address position and stroking skills. However putting begins with the green reading skill to determine an accurate start direction or line for a putt, and a perfectly accurate address position and stroke applied to a poor start line will miss every time!


After years of study and teaching putting I concluded that green reading is the most important putting skill, and that it would be much easier to teach, learn and maintain the address position and stroking skills if you possess the green reading skill. “If a putt starts on the intended line”, accurate green reading skill is easily and quickly learned simply by analyzing the result of where the putt finishes in relation to the hole. But a lack of address position or stroking skill will cause off line putts, and the analysis of the line and speed result of a those putts will be misleading.


So I invented The Putt Ruler which eliminates address position and stroke error and starts any putt on the intended start line every time. Sending the ball on line makes analyzing speed and line results completely accurate, so after a few practice attempts you can find the accurate start line and speed combination for any putt. A bit of trial and error practice with The Putt Ruler teaches accurate green reading in a very short period of time, and gaining confidence in choosing accurate start lines will give you confidence to address the ball and stroke it on line with corresponding speed. And The Putt Ruler also has features that teach accurate address position and stroking skills better than any other putting tool on the market today. But The Putt Ruler is the only putting tool that teaches accurate green reading, the first and most important skill of putting!


Practice with The Putt Ruler to learn all three putting skills, simultaneously!

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