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Bob Walton, Putting Coach and Inventor of "The Putt Ruler"


   “The Putt Ruler” Invention


I've been playing, designing golf courses, and coaching

putting to players and golf instructors alike for over

70 years. During this time I've developed a simple 

program and putting tool for teaching and learning putting 

that is very effective and produces immediate results.

Three skills are necessary to putt well, accurate green

reading, taking an accurate address position and accurate stroking with speed control.  


Extensive testing has proven that most players do not putt consistently well because they miss read putts, then subconsciously make address position and/or stroke adjustments to counter their miss reads. This way of putting requires unique address position and stroking adjustments on each putt, as opposed to developing a singular address position and putting stroke where one only needs to vary the length of stroke to control speed. The inability to accurately read greens and putting “the adjustable way” requires regular and prolonged practice, not only to achieve some success but to maintain a bit of it as well. 


Developing a repeatable accurate address position and putting stroke is best accomplished through accurate green reading skills. But standing in the way of learning accurate green reading was, in fact, the inability to stroke accurately. I invented “The Putt Ruler” to eliminate directional stroke error, which allows a player to simply examine the speed and line results of a putt to quickly identify the best start line and corresponding speed for that line. With a few trial and error attempts “The Putt Ruler” teaches how to accurately read any putt, and stroke the ball on line with controlled speed. Improvement is immediate, and with practice “The Putt Ruler” instills accurate green reading, stroking and speed control skills.    

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