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 The Putt Ruler Putting Disks 

I highly recommend using putting disks for teaching and practicing putting. The Putt Ruler putting disks are 4 1/4 inches in diameter, the same diameter as a regulation golf hole. Good putters and putting instructors know that missed putts and three putting are usually due to poor reads and speed control, and many times a poor read is the result of not paying enough attention to the speed of a putt before choosing a start direction. The skill of speed control in reading and stroking putts is absolutely necessary for successful putting.


Teaching and practicing to a disk rather than a cup causes players to instinctively focus more on the speed of a putt. When putting to a cup if the ball carries too much speed but is holed, elation overrides accurate analysis of that putt and negatively affects one’s perspective going forward as well. But if a putt goes over the disk carrying too much speed and well beyond it becomes obvious that the read and speed were not accurate.


Another advantage of using disks is being able to place them anywhere on the entire green rather than being restricted to a few cup locations. You can also putt from one location and vary the length and type of putt simply by moving the disks around. This is especially useful when practicing or if the putting green is crowded.


Disks have proven so effective in helping players to focus on speed that we include a package of 3 with each purchase of The Putt Ruler. Additional disk packages can be purchased for just $12. per package, mailing included. Like The Putt Ruler, putting disks are a simple but very effective way to teach and practice putting!


Bob Walton, Putting Coach and inventor of The Putt Ruler 

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